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Lambing is a wonderful time, with the young lambs being born around the middle to the end of April.  Orphan lambs have to be bottle fed four times a day until they are about three weeks old. 

When we have orphan lambs, everyone is invited to help feed them.  

Max our croft collie, is very gentle with the wee lambs, and normally waits until they are a bit older, before he shows them who is boss.   

We cut and bale our own hay, sometime between the end of June and early August.

The hay after cutting, is "turned" a couple of times to dry it off.

Here the hay is "doubled up" ready for the square baler coming in.

Hay making time (7715 bytes)


Max like any other working dog, is never as happy as when he is involved in what's going on.  Here he is, guarding the bales.

Max is now all grown up but when he was only a few weeks old we took this picture........

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