Alvie Church


At the edge of Loch Alvie is situated our earliest and most attractive Celtic churches. 

The chapel site, was renovated in 1880, from a time of many changes since its earliest recorded date for the chapel of 1380.  During the renovations the cobbled floor was removed, to be replaced by a wooden floor.  In doing so the remains of 150 bodies were discovered. The remains are believed to be the victims of battle, despite the fact that no weapons were found with them, and that there is no local record of such a battle.   The skeletons were all found lying head to head. 

They were reinterred in the church yard and the site is marked with a granite stone which bears the inscription:   'Buried here are the Remains of 150 Human Bodies Found, October 1880, beneath the Floor of this Church.  Who they were, When they lived, How they Died, Tradition Notes not.  Their Bones are Dust, Their good Swords Rust, their souls are with the Saints we Trust'.

Alvie Church was again renovated in 1952 to its present day glory, and refurbished again in August 1994.


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