.....Winter Sports


A fantastic winter wonderland of sporting opportunities are all available to provide you with a great day out.  

When the winter snows fall, there is cross-country ski-ing in abundance from your doorstep.   With limitless forest trails and the picturesque Glenfeshie to explore, you will be spoilt for choice.

For downhill ski-ing and snow-boarding there is Cairngorm Mountain.  Whether you are just starting out, or an experienced skier or snowboarder, Cairngorm Mountain will provide you with a fantastic day out on the slopes.  Ski runs vary from the beginners Ptarmigan, the wide Coire Cas, to the mogul fields of the White Lady and the steep black run of the West Wall.  There's something on Cairngorm Mountain to suit all abilities.

Coming down from the M1 onto Coire Cas

Cairngorm Mountain, home to the only Funicular Railway in Scotland offers everyone the opportunity of accessing the top of Cairngorm Mountain where skiers and non-skiers alike can experience the exhilarating fresh mountain air, crisp winter snow and fantastic views.

Coire na Ciste gully

For anyone wanting to enjoy the extreme experiences of walking and climbing on snow and ice covered hills then the mountains of Cairngorm should definitely be on your agenda for the winter.

Click here for some Safety First tips

Useful information:

For updates on weather & ski conditions, ski lift prices and facilities available telephone:
CairnGorm Mountain   01479 861261

Weather updates and ski conditions can also be found on:

BBC Ceefax: page 421 (from December - April)
ITC Teletext: page 174 (from December - April)

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We hope you have fun ...........