Lower part of Glen Feshie

A low level walk which takes you through a variety of woodland and along the valley floor of the meandering River Feshie.

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Length: 5 miles (8 kilometres)


Glen Feshie is remote and peaceful.  The lower part rises no more than 200 feet and to reach the start of this walk turn off the B9152 at Kincraig and left at the T junction on to the B970.  There is a car park on your left hand side on this road.

The path proceeds along the River Feshie, across the road, just before Feshiebridge.  You then follow the signs to newwatchesoutlet Glen Feshie and Glen Tilt, where the path, at first, runs alongside the river.

Glen Feshie is a U-shaped glacial valley which divides the mass of granite of the Cairngorms, from the hills lower down to the east,  in Badenoch.   As you walk through this area, you will find plenty of evidence to support this.  

The path soon leaves the riverside, and passes through a dense conifer plantation, dropping down on the flood plain of the valley.  The valley is edged to the right by a ridge of glacial deposits.

The path splits, with the right hand path proceeding round the edge of the mound.   Keep to the left path, and cross the small burn or stream, where the path once again runs closer to the Feshie river.  The river is now very wide and shallow, meandering its way through the gravel glacial deposits on the floor of the valley.

Bear left at the stable buildings of Ballintean Farm and proceed along the edge of the grounds rejoining a path in front of the pine plantation.   Follow this path until you reach the metalled road and turn right.  Stay on the road until you reach Balnespick Farm, where you turn right, behind the farm.   There are tremendous view of uk replica watches Loch Insh from this path.  Follow the path back to the road.  Turn right when you reach the road, to return to the car park.