Upper part of Glen Feshie

A walk which will take you through some beautiful scenery.  Paths can be wet in places, and being a remote part of the highlands, it can be a rough track.

 Length: 8 miles (13 kilometres)


Glen Feshie is one of the most beautiful and remote areas in the Highlands, where you will experience truly unspoilt countryside, and the real feeling of space, peace and tranquillity.    Walking in Glen Feshie takes you to the most fantastic waterfalls in the spring and early summer, when the snow is melting off the mountain tops and the rivers are in full spate.   You will climb no more than about 200 feet.  There is no public transport into this area, and no conveniences.

To reach this area you need to drive from Kincraig to the B970, turning right at the T junction.  Take the road sign to Glen Feshie, up a metallised, but narrow road, for about 3 miles, until you just before you reach the end of the public road, where there is a car park, at Tolvah.

From here you will walk along a metallised road through a dense woodland of Scots pine.  The stag cull will be in progress between 1st August and 20th October, so please heed the signs and avoid the surrounding hillside for your own safety.  The path from here is clearly visible to the bridge at Carnachuin, approximately 2 miles.  The full spate of the river in the spring has washed away areas of the valley floor, showing the erosion of the glacial deposits.

A monument to the men who trained in Glen Feshie during the last war is situated at Carnachuin.  The valley widens out beyond the bridge and the river splits into channels between the pine trees.  The path now splits into three on the other side of the bridge.  Take the left hand path, which returns back down the glen on the other side of the river.  The right hand fork would have taken you to Braemar and the middle fork climbs high into the Cairngorm mountains. 

The path here can be wet as it weaves its way through the conifers before coming out at Allt Garbhlach, which flows down from the right from Coire Garbhlach, gaelic for rugged coire.  Take care if the Allt Garbhlach is in full spate, when you cross.

Cross the bridge at Stronetoper, beyond the area of moorland, to reach the path which will take you back to the car parking area.